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Maxtend ControllerMaxtend Controller

Checking the O2 level in the container

Maxtend Controller

Maxtend® systems are a One-Trip system that convert a standard refrigerated container to an Atmosphere Control container for one voyage and is removed from the container at the end of the voyage.

At the heart of every Maxtend® System is our patented intelligent Controller. With the built in technology to manage, modify, record and communicate remotely the minute details of the atmosphere within every shipment.

Maxtend® is able to set your controller to maintain the optimum environment for peak condition of your produce.

Maxtend’s new AVCA 7 GE series controller with GPRS capability allows monitoring by Maxtend® of cargo data as soon as installation and gassing are complete. Enabling atmosphere review prior to vessel sailing or at trans shipment and destination points, resulting in better knowledge and better control at every point.

How It Works

The Maxtend® System is an Atmosphere system that controls the Oxygen, Carbon-dioxide and Nitrogen balance inside a refrigerated shipping container containing respiring cargo of fruit or vegetables.

Technical Data Controller (AVCA 7 - G Series)

Oxygen measurement range: 0 to 25%

Resolution: 0.1% O2

Operating Temperature: -50°C to +50°C

Inbuilt LED visual indicator lights

RS232 communication

Non-volatile datalogging, 40,000 samples.
Programmable logging interval (default is every 30 minutes)

Programmable Trip Limit:
Default is 40 days after first use after which controller will vent to ambient air.

Dimensions: 82mm x 51mm x 34mm

Weight: 160 gms


Operating voltage: 3.6 volts

Capacity: 2.4 Ahr

Life: 60 days (continuous use)

CO2 sensor module: (COZIR)

CO2 measurement range: 0 to 20%

Resolution: 0.5% CO2

Operating temperature: 0°C to 50°C

Dimensions: 58mm x 41mm x 28mm

Weight: 80gms

Click here to download the Maxtend® GE Series Controller specification sheet.

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Maxtend Controller
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